Welcome to Wilton! Are you looking for a community of loving and supportive Moms?


About the Wilton Moms Club

The Wilton Moms Club is open to any mom who lives in Wilton. First-time expectant mothers are also welcome to join before birth.


We have playgroups that meet regularly for kids of various ages. Playgroups generally meet weekly and moms take turns hosting at their homes or a local park or library.

Events & Activities

We plan 1-2 activities each month for our members and their children including seasonal parties, park play-dates, coffee mornings, book club, movie nights, and Moms Night Out (or Moms Night In, hosted by a member in their home). There are no mandatory events. You can pick and choose what you'd like to attend. Some moms go to just their playgroup, some just go to Mom's Nights, and some go to everything! The activities are generally geared towards preschoolers and younger, but older siblings can join the fun too.

Annual Dues

At this time, there are no dues. We charge a nominal fee ($2-$5) for parties, to cover party expenses.

If you are interested in joining. Feel free to email membershipwmc@gmail.com

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